The Information Discovered Solely From My Clothing

We live in the wonderful world where women are judged by the cut of their shirts rather than the content of their hearts and minds. Girls are shunned for being sexy but also for being modest; there is no way for a woman to dress without being criticized. Society needs female role models who look a variety of ways so that girls can choose who they wish to be rather than being forced into an identity they don’t belong in. This will increase women’s self esteem and encourage girls to be independent without the fear of being judged.

To begin, Disney princesses are a menace to girls every where, according to all the people scared of a girl in a dress. Snow white wears a dress but teaches young girls that their souls have value, in the movie she says “Remember, you are the one who will make the world shine”. She may be a beautiful girl but I believe her real beauty is inside where she knows her value and loves her friends. Jasmine may be curvy but Aladdin teaches viewers “Do not be fooled by its common place appearance, like so many things it’s not what is outside, but what is what is inside that counts”. I don’t believe that telling a pretty girl her voice doesn’t matter is really progressive towards the whole “body positive” thing. To me it sounds like slut shaming. Girls should have the choice to wear what they wish, the length of her skirt does not determine the depth of her character.

In continuation, girls who choose to wear jeans and a band tee don’t deserve to be clucked at by the store employees, and these employees don’t have a say in our gender identification. A few weeks ago my friend was buying a phone and the vendor called her “him” she corrected him but he continued to refer to her as “he” and “your son” . Sorry bud your personal opinion of how a girl should dress does not matter AT ALL. This is where the Disney problem does come into play. Young girls are not shown a female role model who isn’t “girly”; women need somebody to look up to that is athletic, adventurous, smart and every other characteristic that somebody might aspire to be. If we only teach our girls to look a certain way how are they supposed to be comfortable in their own skin? Is it really a question why depression, self harm and eating disorders run rampant in young women? Furthermore, men think they know girls better than girls know them selves. Society runs up shouting to girls that they are a) OPPRESSED! because dressing modestly removes independence and value or, b) Asking for it. Because a girl in a short skirt wants the 50 year old men, its not just their imagination. We teach our women that their bodies and babies are the only reason they are alive

In conclusion, boys and society don’t have an opinion on how girls choose to look. If a women chooses to wear long clothes or tight dresses her character is the same. This is what girls need society to show them with role models who they can look up to no matter who they want to be.

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The Other Side Of Gender Equality

Women deserve to be treated equally. No, EVERYBODY deserves to be treated equally. I would like to bring to your attention the male side of gender equality, why today neither genders have an equal place in society, and how we have to change so anyone can be who they really are.

Women have been fighting for their rights for a very long time, majorly since the 1st World War when they got to start working because all the able men were in Europe as soldiers. After the war, the men expected the women to quietly go back to caring for children, cooking and cleaning. The girls stood up, rejected the boys nonsense and thus the beginning of women’s rights.

Legally genders are equal. In society, not at all. You’ve already heard about the women, having muscles is gross, all girls are dumb, overly sentimental, rash and our lives revolve around boys. Of course that’s  untrue and stereotypical, but have you thought about the guys stereotypes? They feel they have to be strong, cold and unemotional. If a boy and a girl went to see The Fault In Our Stars (a very sad movie) if the boy cried his friends would laugh and call him a wimp but if the girl walked out of the theater with dry eyes she would be told she has no emotions.

Why would boys want to let girls be strong when they aren’t allowed to be vulnerable??? In the end we ALL need someone to hold on to, guy, girl, dog, gecko, whatever. No one can be strong all the time but nobody is weak all the time either.  Abolish stereotypes and expectations. That is the only way to have genuine gender equality.

“And I have come to realize their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Tell me what you want to know about!

Hi! I would like to increase my wowing zero viewers to like 6 (that would be an accomplishment) so I am asking you to tell me what you want written about. Please comment if I missed something 🙂

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The Right of Free Speech

In Canada, Freedom of Speech is nearly total, excluding only hateful and obscene matter, such making bullying etc. not included in your rights. That  said I can say, write, blog anything I want, as long as it is based on facts or is solely my opinion. Unfortunately this is not the case in many places across the world, such as Saudi Arabia, where you cannot say anything disrespectful towards Islam or against the royal family. In Saudi Arabia Raif Badiwi is in prison and sentenced to flogging (whipping/beating) for insulting Islam  and debating over politics through blog.

If I said right here that I don’t believe in  the conservative party NOTHING would happen to me but if Canada followed the same rules as Saudi Arabia I would probably be sentenced to 1000 lashes and 10 years in jail on top of being forbidden to travel and post on the internet for ten years after being released. Okay? No, not okay.

Learn more about Raif and sign the petition to free him here.

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Women in the RCMP

Perhaps you have seen it in the news, perhaps you dismissed this issue without a thought. The RCMP is discriminating against women and nothing is happening to change it. Here are the facts; there have been hundreds of reported harassments and sexual assaults from former and current female RCMP officers, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that EVERYBODY is an equal, a few main values in the RCMP are responsibility, professionalism, respect and  integrity and finally, the RCMP have failed at solving the crimes against aboriginal women.

Has anyone else noticed that the RCMP was instructed to hire 30% more women, then cut the amount of people they were hiring? After that the cases about murdered and missing aboriginal women were not solved? And now there are HUNDREDS of judiciary cases concerning male officers assaulting their female colleagues! Do you see the pattern? Is our NATIONAL police force sexist?! it sure seems that way to me! We’re in the 21st century for goodness sakes, I want to be able to say that I am proud to live in this country where I can enjoy women’s rights. I refuse to go back to the time when boys are the boss. I should be able to be a police officer or whatever else without the fear of being raped, assaulted or discriminated.

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Are zoos fair? I want to know!

I have always had a bad feeling about zoos. I love the animals, but don’t like the idea of their being cooped up for my viewing pleasure.

What do you think?

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“The time is al…

“The time is always right to do the right thing”- Martin Luther King Jr.

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