The Other Side Of Gender Equality

Women deserve to be treated equally. No, EVERYBODY deserves to be treated equally. I would like to bring to your attention the male side of gender equality, why today neither genders have an equal place in society, and how we have to change so anyone can be who they really are.

Women have been fighting for their rights for a very long time, majorly since the 1st World War when they got to start working because all the able men were in Europe as soldiers. After the war, the men expected the women to quietly go back to caring for children, cooking and cleaning. The girls stood up, rejected the boys nonsense and thus the beginning of women’s rights.

Legally genders are equal. In society, not at all. You’ve already heard about the women, having muscles is gross, all girls are dumb, overly sentimental, rash and our lives revolve around boys. Of course that’s  untrue and stereotypical, but have you thought about the guys stereotypes? They feel they have to be strong, cold and unemotional. If a boy and a girl went to see The Fault In Our Stars (a very sad movie) if the boy cried his friends would laugh and call him a wimp but if the girl walked out of the theater with dry eyes she would be told she has no emotions.

Why would boys want to let girls be strong when they aren’t allowed to be vulnerable??? In the end we ALL need someone to hold on to, guy, girl, dog, gecko, whatever. No one can be strong all the time but nobody is weak all the time either.  Abolish stereotypes and expectations. That is the only way to have genuine gender equality.

“And I have come to realize their freedom is inextricably bound to our freedom.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

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